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My name is Steve and I created Cafe New Jersey to commemorate some of the good times and interesting places I have enjoyed in the Garden State. I grew up in Essex County throughout the 1970's and 1980's and moved away in 1995. I must admit, I have always had a love/hate relationship with the Garden State. The proximity to large urban areas, the New Jersey shore, buying pizza by the slice and having the proud heritage of being a New York Yankees fan come first to mind. Ah, but there are negatives: Traffic congestion, high taxes and the existence of the New Jersey Turnpike, to name a few.

After learning some basic web design, I thought I would create a fun website that would promote New Jersey. I'll show photos of different areas, and maybe it will become a place where people can share memories about their times in New Jersey.

Thanks for visiting Cafe New Jersey!

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Twitter: @SteveGarufi

P.S. I live in Colorado now and the photo above is me standing in a patch of snow in the mountains. (The photo was taken on July 30, 2008!)

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