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Garrett Mountain - Passaic County

Lambert Castle Wild Turkey
Garrett Mountain, New Jersey

I was driving around the vicinity of Clifton and Paterson on Valley Road and decided to pay a visit to nearby Garrett Mountain. The tallest point in the park sits at 480 feet above sea level. That is not much for Colorado standards, but considering downtown Paterson is just over 100 feet, it has a presence in the city.

Firstly, I stopped by Lambert Castle (next to the park) and captured a photo of a wild turkey walking around. I also spotted deer behind the castle.

Garrett Mountain Reservation The park is officially called the Garrett Park Reservation. It is managed by the Passaic County Parks Department.
Garrett Mountain Park A pretty view of the relaxed road.
There is an abandoned castle on the east side of the park. There is no signage explaining the history or background of this structure. My hunch is it had something to do with Lambert Castle down the hill.
Garrett Mountain, NJ
Garrett Mountain
Garrett Mountain, NJ
The Overlook

Probably the greatest feature of this park is the overlook on the north end of the park. One has a great view of the city of Paterson to the north and northeast.

Paterson, NJ A closer view of downtown Paterson.
I am not sure if they views are that great to warrant pay binoculars in this spot, but hey, they are there if you want to use them! :)
Tank The tower (for radio and cell phones?) on the left and a tank on the right. Disappointingly, nowhere was there an explanation of the significance of that tank and another across the street.

Weaseldrift Road
New Jersey Roads - On The Way Out

I exited the park and drove on Weaseldrift Road in West Paterson.

West Paterson, NJ A sign in West Paterson.
Interstate 80

Getting onto the cloverleaf entrance to Interstate 80 in Paterson.

Interstate 80 Heading east on Interstate 80 in West Paterson.

These photos were submitted by Steve Garufi. His personal web site is:

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