Kayaking The Passaic River - (Pictures and Reflections)

Passaic River in New JerseyIn the summer of 2000, I finally pursued and completed one of my childhood dreams - to kayak the entire Passaic River!

True, sometimes people laughed at me or thought I was strange for wanting to do such a feat, and I did receive quite a bit of discouragement from "reasonable people" who have no concept of enjoying nature's beauty or living for adventure. But there's an old saying that helped me shrug off those type of comments that goes like this: Those who abanadon their dreams, will discourage yours!

You can read my full reflection article about my kayak trip down the Passaic RIGHT HERE - Passaic River Kayak Trip 2000.

Recently I was back in New Jersey and thought I would take a few pictures of the Passaic to reminisce a bit. Of course, with my luck, it was the most cloudy and dreary day of the entire year, but that did not stop me. The picture above is me standing on the Fairfield side looking across the river at homes in Wayne. (The Willowbrook Mall is just behind those homes.)

Be encouraged! Friends, every once in awhile I receive an e-mail from someone who desires to kayak the Passaic. To those, I want to give you my full encouragement! It was so much fun ... it was so meaningful ... and it actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! If you have specific questions about kayaking the Passaic River, you are welcome to ask them on the Cafe New Jersey Forum! :)

One More Picture of the Passaic (Standing On Two Bridges Road, Looking Upstream)
Passaic River

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