"The Green" In Morristown! (Morristown, New Jersey)

New Jersey DinerRecently I felt quite compelled to revisit "The Green" in Morristown, New Jersey. I was "itching" for a nice downtown area that was conducive for walking, window shopping and maybe sitting down on a bench to read.

A long time ago, I used to spend a lot of time on "The Green". I did a college internship working for a local congressman who had his district office inside the Morristown Post Office. During my lunch breaks, I would typically eat my lunch amidst the greenery, tall trees and quasi-relaxing "roar" of vehicular traffic going around the square on all four sides.

A few hot dog vendors were almost always there, and the occasional confrontation with a beggar asking for money kept things interesting on the green.

If you have any comments about "The Green" or anything else related to the town of Morristown, please don't hesitate to share them on the New Jersey Forum!

Morristown, New Jersey 1715! We're talking pre-Revolutionary War here! ;)
Morristown, New Jersey An interesting monument.
Morristown, New Jersey The southwest corner. (I must confess that it was an extremely cloudy and dreary day, and with lighting so terrible, none of my pictures inside the green came out even remotely nice!) :(
Morristown, New Jersey Morristown Memory: My friend Bernie remembered frequently visiting a used-record store somewhere on the eastern side of the square in the late 1980's. He estimated it might have been this door (#42). Can anyone give information on what happened to that interesting record store? :)

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