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Pictures Provided By Bob MacGrath (2006), An Avid Mountain Biker In New Jersey ...
New Jersey Mountain Biking That is myself on the dam in the Ramapo Mountain State Forest, Oakland, New Jersey. (2003) This park has a lot of miles of single track that is mostly very rocky and technical. Since you can park at the very top and ride down, it is very popular with freeriders/downhillers who will shuttle it. One fun feature is there is an old Castle or a very large stone house that you can ride to and explore way up on top of the mountain.
New Jersey Mountain Biking And old bunker with a log ramp in Hartshorne County Park in Monmouth County. There are many smooth twisty "roller coaster" single tracks there - a lot for Jersey anyway - and it runs right along the shore! It does not look very impressive, but I pulled it off. There are several of these bunkers down there along with larger installations that housed ammunition and large cannon, used during World War I and World War II. Some would also argue that this is the highest point on the Eastern shoreline, 266 feet I believe.
New Jersey Mountain Biking Here is my friend John dropping off a boulder at Theunis Day School in Wayne, New Jersey. It is pronounced too-nis. I always liked this picture because of the quality, clouds, trees, etc. It looks nice! Not to mention, John's perfect technique on this move. He did not climb on that rock; He hopped up there. :-) A little more background: This is usually called urban riding or urban assault, but we were actually in the suburbs, so perhaps this is "suburban riding". I should point out there are plenty of trail riding oppurtunities in the state but sometimes we just like to mess around town, which I call "trials riding" where we do not put our bikes in our cars, etc, etc.

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