NEW JERSEY DINER PICTURES! Versailles Diner (Fairfield, NJ)

New Jersey DinerNew Jersey diners are like no other!

Sure, there are relatively inexpensive 24-hour restaurants where one can order practically anything in a greasy spoon type of environment, but there's something unique about New Jersey diners!

Maybe it's the unique name and ambiance of each diner - there are hardly any generic franchises here! - and the fact that almost all New Jersey diners are locally owned. Of course, the "New Jersey attitude" of the wait staff might also be a distinct feature. (During my visit to the Versailles Diner, the waitress was very competent, but seemed totally disinterested in fueling my social chit-chat with any kind of engaging response.)

Who remembers old New Jersey diners that had the small juke box in each of the booths? Or the cheesy-looking pastry and pie displays? And Taylor Ham ... Why doesn't the rest of the country serve Taylor Ham in their restaurants? :)

So this page is a modest tribute to New Jersey Diners! You are quite welcome to share your thoughts, comments and memories about New Jersey diners on the discussion forum.

Pictures of a New Jersey Diner! :)
New Jersey Diner We visited the Versailles Diner in Fairfield on Route 46.
New Jersey A shot of my buddy Bernie looking downward while sitting in our booth. Nice ambiance!
New Jersey By the way, the food was wonderful! I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with french fries!!! It even came with onion rings! :)
New Jersey One picture of me in the diner lobby! ;)

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