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New Jersey Pizza - A Tribute

Bernie Doyle After spending years away from the east coast, I thought a tribute to New Jersey pizza was definitely in order. There is nothing like buying a slice of pizza with creative toppings as one can in New Jersey and New York City. Sigh!

A few nights ago, I met with my old friend Bernie Doyle in Fairfield. I had already eaten, but at a local pizzeria, Bernie ordered this "well done" adjacent pepperoni pizza with hunks of green bell peppers. Ah the passion of eating a good pizza! Great photo Bernie! :)

Chicken Parmegian Pizza Last year, I ordered three individual slices of pizza. They are chicken parmegiana, buffalo chicken and cheese tortellini variety. Amazing!
Sicilian Pizza Two nights ago, I bought a square slice. This is typically referred to as Sicilian pizza.
Steve Eating Yes, I will admit it with pride. I love eating! :)
Buffalo Chicken Pizza Buffalo Chicken Pizza Update on August 25, 2008 - My buddy Jonathan rips into a slice of buffalo chicken pizza.

- Photos by Steve Garufi. His personal web site is:

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