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Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Photos From A Late Morning Visit To Sandy Hook, New Jersey - November 23, 2007
Sandy Hook, New Jersey It was the day after Thanksgiving and being that I live in Colorado full-time, I usually have an "itch" to see the ocean when I visit. I had never been to Sandy Hook and made that my destination.
Sandy Hook, New Jersey
Sandy Hook, New Jersey
The sun was out but it was fairly brisk and chilly with temperatures in the 30's.

I pulled over one of the first beach parking areas in the lower portion of the peninsula to stand by the ocean in these photos.

Sandy Hook, New Jersey I thought the official "Welcome to Sandy Hook" sign was kind of interesting. If you read it carefully, it actually says "find a prickly pear cactus"! Wowwee! I didn't see any cacti, but that is definitely a neat piece of trivia for New Jersey. If anyone has a legitimate picture of cactus found on Sandy Hook, I would definitely put it on being that I'm the webmaster! ;)
Sandy Hook, New Jersey The Sandy Hook Visitor Center, which once served as a life saving and rescue station.
New Jersey Shore Here is a helpful map of the New Jersey shoreline areas. Sandy Hook is located north of Long Branch in Monmouth County. It is the northeasternmost peninsula.
South Beach Dune Trail
South Beach Dune Trail
I walked a short while on the South Beach Dune Trail.
Sandy Hook Lighthouse Sandy Hook Lighthouse The historic lighthouse is located near Fort Hancock near the end of the peninsula. Sadly, the lighthouse is open for viewing only during the weekend.
Sandy Hook Lighthouse Here is the best view of the lighthouse! :)
Sandy Hook Lighthouse Information about the lighthouse. :)
Sandy Hook, New Jersey This particular sign showed the "progress" of Sandy Hook. At one time, Sandy Hook was an island all to itself, but was filled into the mainland. Today, the lighthouse stands far off from the actual beach.

There are old gun batteries (for lack of a better term) that were built in the first half of the 20th century as a measure of defense against potential invaders into New York Bay.
Battery Granger
More information about that.
Sandy Hook, New Jersey I returned to the beach on the extreme northern part of Sandy Hook. From this point, one can easily see New York City on a clear day. The Verrazano Bridge is the tall bridge to the left.
Sandy Hook Beach Walking around the beach.
Sandy Hook Beach That was the closest that bird allowed me to get to him! :p)

This photos were submitted by Steve Garufi. His personal web site is:

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