The New Jersey Boardwalk! (Seaside Heights, New Jersey)

New Jersey BoardwalkBefore Bernie and I visited Island Beach State Park, we spent some time wandering around the boardwalk in Seaside Heights. When I was a young child, my family spent most of our family vacations in Seaside Heights. Our days consisted of long days at the beach, playing in the ocean, followed by enjoying all of the rides, pinwheel games and other attractions on the boardwalk in the evening.

I actually visited on a warm December day in which the town was deserted. I got a few nice photos of the beach and had some fun walking around and reminiscing at some of the spots on the boardwalk ... that haven't changed to this very day!

In the bottom photo, I included a picture of myself with my two brothers (I'm on the right) on the boardwalk in 1981! And don't ask me what I was doing wearing that Budweiser t-shirt! ;)

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Seaside Heights, New Jersey Good ol' Seaside Heights!
New Jersey Boardwalk My friend Bernie on the boardwalk.
Seaside Heights, New Jersey A very nice shot of the ocean!
Seaside Heights, New Jersey Sigh! I miss the boardwalks of New Jersey! :p)
New Jersey Boardwalk My two brothers and I in 1981 in Seaside Heights. Again, don't ask me what I was doing wearing that Budweiser t-shirt! ;)

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